NO THANKYOU but what I would like is for the bad publicity to continue and for the Advanced Medical Institute to  shut down their business and leave the public alone.

AMI are famous for their controversial radio, TV and print commercials claiming to help couples have a better sex life.

In May this year, the Sydney Morning Herald did a very insightful and highly critical expose on the company and its treatments for sexual problems particularly premature ejaculation and male impotence.

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Forgiving Celebrities

The SMH’s The Guide drew my attention with its cover story titled ‘SINNERS ARE WINNERS’.

In the article, Bridget McManus deals with how the Australian public were quick to forgive TV personalities.

She makes a very interesting observation about an advertising-driven industry that depends on a squeaky clean image.

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The tabloids’ love of celebrity sex tapes

Since when were images of naked people worth making a gallery for? Well, according to The Daily Telegraph, it is

Earlier this week, Gray’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart and former USA beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche were “exposed” in a sex tape.

Courtesy of the Daily‘s website, you can see 14 large screen grabs from the tape but they cleverly avoid any claim of misconduct by covering the women with black rectangles.

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Future of print and online journalism

Last week, Fairfax Media announced it would be charging users for online news. This followed media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s announcement that he would be charging for online news access from June 2010

This may be a shock to some people (myself included) who have been so accustomed to getting free access to news online.

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Kerry O’Brien vs Malcolm Turnbull

Did anyone watch or hear about the heated interview Kerry O’Brien had with Malcolm Turnbull on Monday night’s episode of the 7.30 Report? O’Brien clearly had something against Turnbull if you watch the interview.

The pre-recorded interview involved Turnbull discussing his views about Rudd’s new ETS plan. The interview started smoothly but seven minutes into it, O’Brien thought it was necessary to bring up the Utegate saga.

O’Brien: …that he wasn’t so much a whistleblower but a Liberal mole. Is that the case?

Turnbull: Kerry I’ve said a great deal about this last week. We issued a comprehensive statement, had a very long press conference and I have got nothing more to say about the matter.

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When politicians are the news

Politicians are massive news hogs but it always irritates me when stories focus on their school yard bickering and corruption allegations. Let’s take Malcolm Turnbull for example.

Mr Turnbull has ruled the news for the past few months since the Utegate affair started in June. This catalysed a major hoo-hah that has backfired in the Opposition leader’s direction.

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Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight is truly the worst program to watch on television and definitely not what I would consider quality journalism.

Their trashiness is more obvious when a high profile star dies such as that of Michael Jackson.

I don’t watch Entertainment Tonight much but I sometimes catch the first few minutes if I am at home. Whenever I do, for some reason it is always about an “EXCLUSIVE, BREAKING REVELATION ABOUT THE STAR!!!!!”

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