A wonderful example of how not to advertise online

Today, I was reading an article on the Sydney Morning Herald, but as I approached the half-way point in the story, I found my reading interrupted by a flashy advertisement promoting the Australian Stock Report.

I respect the fact that websites need to have ads (to survive),  and I’m fine with them being there. I’m even content with those annoying ads that unexpectedly pop up videos and even flash animation. If there’s an option to close it, the website is forgiven. However, the Australian Stock Report is an example of an obtrusive ad readers are forced to look at because part of it cuts through the article.  And no, there was no close option.


Spot the punctuation mistake

I know I will sound like a grammar Nazi saying this, but this Citibank ad has annoyed me a little due to a tiny punctuation error.

You may not notice it, but there is a COMMA missing after the word world.

Put simply, this comma is important because it helps the reader to decipher the meaning. On the surface, people will automatically understand that the ad is just stating that in this man’s world, there are no monthly fees. However, if you read the ad literally, it would be “in my world bank accounts”. That definitely does not make sense.