Lindt review

I usually never have issues with many cafes unless they ruin the coffee but even then, I’m quick to forgive and will return.

However, tonight was a different experience when I went with my friends to Lindt Café at Cockle Bay Wharf, Darling Harbour where we received terrible service.

First off, the Asian man who made our orders would not allow me to collect them until I had physically shown him the receipt. Fair enough, I thought.

Just as we began to enjoy our hot chocolates, the same guy comes over and booted us out. His reason? We were not allowed to drink inside the café because we had purchased TAKE AWAY drinks.

I don’t really see the justification. Okay, it was a take away drink so I should be taking it away but I have never known a café to kick a customer outdoors because they decided to purchase a take away drink?

I will say that I did enjoy the hot chocolate, and in case you’re wondering, their take away hot chocolates are $4.50 for a small.

I guess this is what happens when you’re a big company in a nice area. You can overcharge and people will still come and buy your products. I won’t totally dismiss Lindt, but let’s say I’m not a fan of the take away rule. (Can’t a customer change their mind?) Overcharging, I can live with.

Update: As you can see in the comments section, Lindt has graciously responded to my post. To Lindt. thank you. I appreciate and respect that someone takes the time to see what customers think of their products (good and bad). I reflect on what I wrote and believe it was harsh although it was how I felt at the time. Also a slight correction, their small hot chocolates are $4.50 for a takeaway.