Soap Opera Politics

It has been an exciting week in politics. First there was all the in-fighting within the Liberal Party which ended with the dumping of Malcolm Turnbull.

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Kerry O’Brien vs Malcolm Turnbull

Did anyone watch or hear about the heated interview Kerry O’Brien had with Malcolm Turnbull on Monday night’s episode of the 7.30 Report? O’Brien clearly had something against Turnbull if you watch the interview.

The pre-recorded interview involved Turnbull discussing his views about Rudd’s new ETS plan. The interview started smoothly but seven minutes into it, O’Brien thought it was necessary to bring up the Utegate saga.

O’Brien: …that he wasn’t so much a whistleblower but a Liberal mole. Is that the case?

Turnbull: Kerry I’ve said a great deal about this last week. We issued a comprehensive statement, had a very long press conference and I have got nothing more to say about the matter.

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When politicians are the news

Politicians are massive news hogs but it always irritates me when stories focus on their school yard bickering and corruption allegations. Let’s take Malcolm Turnbull for example.

Mr Turnbull has ruled the news for the past few months since the Utegate affair started in June. This catalysed a major hoo-hah that has backfired in the Opposition leader’s direction.

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