Another political scandal!

Since the start of the week, the news has been dominated by another political scandal which is John Della Bosca’s resignation after his affair with 23 year old Kate Neill was made public.

There are many different things that can be said about the case but a prominent opinion that has arisen is that politicians should be judged solely on their performance.

Supporters of this viewpoint say that affairs are not important, are “normal” and serve no public interest. In a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, one woman wrote:

“Unless he is having sex with children or animals, John Della Bosca’s behaviour has nothing to do with anyone except his wife.”

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When politicians are the news

Politicians are massive news hogs but it always irritates me when stories focus on their school yard bickering and corruption allegations. Let’s take Malcolm Turnbull for example.

Mr Turnbull has ruled the news for the past few months since the Utegate affair started in June. This catalysed a major hoo-hah that has backfired in the Opposition leader’s direction.

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