Betrayal and backstabbing in politics

Credit: Fairfax Media

For the past day, Australia has been on a high about Julia Gillard becoming Australia’s first female prime minister.

With that aside, I’ve realised that you just can’t trust anyone if you work in politics.

Gillard did not become PM because the Australian public voted her into office. It was a case of Rudd’s own party members disliking their leader and subsequently plotting his downfall in a drive to ensure an election win. There is no better illustration than that of a playground squabble.

It’s a description that many people use to portray the world of politics. Politicians are like kids fighting against each other in a schoolyard brawl. Similar to the different cliques in schools, there are different parties in parliament.

What I never realised was how much backstabbing can occur within a party. This was exactly the case with the Labor Party where little groupies formed and members were either pro-Rudd or anti-Rudd.

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