If Twitter was an assessment task, I FAILED!

Well according to this new innovation, Tweet Level my Tweets are absolutely crap! See below for my report card.

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Leona Lewis Echo Review

Leona Lewis is a gifted singer because she can really SING. She doesn’t rely on silly studio tweaking and autotune to make her sound good because she’s naturally talented.

Leona’s voice is one of the best in the music business right now so I was excited to hear that she was working on a second album with many prominent writers and producers money can buy

This week the former X-Factor winner released her sophomore album Echo and it’s a great follow up album to Spirit (2007).

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The Diva goes crowd-surfing

Wow! I thought it was amazing when I found out that Beyonce had crowd-surfed during her London concert on Monday night.

Her stage persona, Sasha Fierce was singing her hit ‘Halo’ in a leotard and high heels before  diving into the crowd of excited fans who carried her for a few moments and then put her safely back onto the stage. Bet those fans will never forget that moment.

I thought it was amazing that she was still able to belt out “halo halo haloooooo” while being lifted by a crowd.

You can watch one of the many fan videos floating on Youtube:


Nasty but funny responses to Rove calling it quits

Last night, Rove announced that his show was over and never coming back.

Unlike the 707,000 viewers watching the show at home, I didn’t know that until my friend tweeted this on her Twitter and the next day was filled with news that Rove was quitting televison.

I am indifferent to Rove’s show but I did find the negative reader comments on News.com.au and mUmBRELLA a bit amusing to read.

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Read my lips!

Britney will happily gyrate in a cage but singing is a no go for her.

The past week has been polluted with news about Britney Spears’ awful lip syncing adventures in concert and to quote an old Britney song, “You drive me crazy!”

Controversy started when there were news of alleged walk outs of her concert in Perth because audiences were disgusted that Britney was lip syncing. Britney’s publicist defended the singer by stating that such claims were inaccurate and an “absolute fabrication”.

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Why Sydney-siders HATE CityRail

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald, many readers had written letters expressing their anger and frustration at the mess known as CityRail.

As usual, MX also had a few readers ranting in the Letters page. It inspired me to compile the top 8 reasons why Sydney-siders hate CityRail (in no particular order because they’re all equally valid).

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